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Give your bike a sense of direction with these smart handlebars


There haven't been a lot of elegant ways to add navigation to your bike -- unless you have access to prototype bikes, you're probably stuck mounting a GPS unit or smartphone that might take your eyes off the road. That's where Boreal Bikes' crowdfunded smrtGRiPS project might just come in handy. These install-it-yourself handlebar ends pair with your smartphone to give you directions, whether or not you're on the bike. While you're riding, the grips will shake for imminent turns or traffic problems. They'll also help you find your wheels, and you'll even get separation alerts if you're traveling with another smrtGRiPS-touting cyclist.

It won't cost too much to give your bike some smarts, at least if you act early. You'll need to pledge between $59 and $69 to get both a pair of smrtGRiPS devices and a basic set of replacement grips, and there are both slender and sporty grips ($18 and $23 respectively) to match your transportation style. Should everything go according to plan, you'll get your upgrade just in time for those summer biking expeditions in July or August. And if you can't wait that long, you can always hoof it.

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