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New 3DS arrives February 13, priced at $199


Coinciding with recently revealed marketing materials, Nintendo announced this morning its New 3DS will launch in North America on February 13. The new handheld is an upgraded version of the current Nintendo 3DS XL, with the addition of an analog pad and faster processor. The system will launch in red and black versions. The new handheld will be priced at $199.

"If we're honest, there really wasn't much difference from my now-obsolete 3DS XL at home on initial handling," Engadget Senior Editor Mat Smith wrote about the device during Tokyo Game Show. "There are no games that appropriately make the most of the analog stick (at least, not yet). Here at TGS 2014, with Monster Hunter 4G, the right stick was assigned to camera duties, a role it shared with the d-pad and, er, about a third of the touchscreen too."
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