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Netflix will launch in Japan this fall (update)


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During Netflix's last earnings call executives announced plans to reach 200 countries (up from the 50 or so currently served) over the next two years, and now CNBC's Julia Boorstin is hearing that will include Japan by this fall. Hulu actually beat Netflix there back in 2011, but sold off its service to a local broadcaster last year. Currenty, Netflix is active in South America and Europe with a launch in Australia and New Zealand coming next month, but this could be a part of its first push in Asia. Otherwise the company is "exploring modest options" in China, but we expect there should be plenty of places to watch those Marvel series by the time they're all released next year.

Update: And it's official! Netflix has announced plans to launch in Japan this fall. CEO Reed Hastings called the country " a critical component of our plan to connect people around the world to stories they love." To avoid the fate of Hulu and others, Netflix is opening a regional office in Tokyo -- headed by Greg Peters, who joined the company in 2008 -- which will hopefully be enough to secure a satisfactory amount of local content for potential subscribers.

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