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Olympus expands its rugged camera line with the Stylus TG-860


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There's no doubt that the E-M5 II is Olympus' big reveal of the night. Still, there are people out there who are just looking for something simple, like an all-terrain digital camera. Here's where the newly announced Stylus Tough TG-860 hopes to come in. While this compact shooter won't blow anyone away with the internal features it boasts, interested parties would likely care more about its ruggedized features than anything else.

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The TG-860, which succeeds last year's TG-850, is waterproof (up to 50 feet) and shockproof (up to seven feet), but those aren't its only notable attributes. There's also a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor with a 21mm ultra wide-angle lens; a selfie-friendly, 180-degree adjustable screen; WiFi; GPS; and 1080p/60fps video. Olympus says the Stylus TG-860 is scheduled to launch in April, at which point it's set to be priced for $279.

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