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Samsung will broadcast public safety announcements over LTE this year


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Samsung's got strong LTE (and LTE-A, and... whatever's next) bones and now it's looking to shift the commercial tech into the emergency services. Public safety announcements has been a project of the 3GPP for a while. What's that, you say? It's a ragtag gang of superheroes telecoms groups and organizations that hammers out the crucially important (but typically very dry) standards and technical specifications -- these have formed the basis for the likes of 3G and LTE in the past. Samsung's public safety LTE (PS-LTE) is apparently geared for first responders and use during "emergency situations". Importantly the option of a new kind of public safety announcement network will take the drag off existing networks, as well as offer the data heft of LTE network, hopefully ensuring communication remains possible in even the most dire situations.

The tech includes push to talk in addition to text broadcast and even multimedia broadcast delivery. The company's put its focus on stability on the network, is is obviously the most important thing to take into account if there's a natural disaster. The Korean government plans to launch the first PS-LTE network in the Gangwon province in late 2015, spreading to more of the country's major cities next year.

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