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Daily Roundup: Pebble Time, GTA V delays and more!


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In today's Daily Roundup, Pebble turns to Kickstarter to announce its new watch. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto V on the PC has been delayed again, Google is working on a new Chromebook Pixel and Apple's latest iOS and OS X betas include more diverse emoji. Catch up on all these stories and more, past the break.

Pebble returns to Kickstarter for its next-gen color smartwatch

Pebble is an amazing Kickstarter success story raising over $10 million dollars for its first e-ink smartwatch. Now, the company is back for another go with the Pebble Time, its latest wearable that features a color e-ink display.

The PC version of 'Grand Theft Auto V' is delayed... again

Grand Theft Auto V on the PC was originally slated to come out on January 27th. Then it was pushed back to March 24th. Now, it's been pushed back to March 24th. The good news? Folks who preordered the game will get some extra in-game cash to reward them for their patience.

Google employee reveals a new Chromebook Pixel's due out soon

The first Chromebook Pixel wasn't exactly a huge seller, what with its hefty price tag and all, but Google's apparently still preparing to release a second version. OMG! Chrome! spotted a video of Renee Niemi, who's in charge of Android and Chrome for Work and Education, at the recent Google Teamwork event, where she revealed that the company's working on the next-gen Pixel that will soon be slated for release.

Apple's newest iOS and Mac betas let you use diverse emoji

If you're disappointed that current emoji characters don't reflect your skin tone, don't worry: Apple is getting ready to accommodate you. Both the latest betas of iOS 8.3 and OS X 10.10.3 include modifiers that let you choose the skin color of some icons.

AP: Lawmaker's Instagram account proves he's misusing taxpayer money

Republication Rep. Aaron Schock from Illinois has been spending taxpayer money on renting private jets, getting massages and taking his staff to sold out concerts, according to The Associated Press. And, get this: AP says it has confirmed all those times he rented a private jet, thanks in part to his Instagram posts.

Ad outlet tries using drones to track your phone's location

Irked that advertisers are already trying to pinpoint your phone's location? It might be even harder to escape their grasp if AdNear is successful. The ad intelligence group is experimenting with location-tracking drones that profile audiences in harder-to-reach areas by triangulating cellular and WiFi signals.

Google's banning sexually explicit content from its blogging platform

Many X-rated Blogger accounts might cease to exist in the near future, as Google will no longer allow anyone to post sexually explicit or nude videos and images starting on March 23rd, 2015. It doesn't end there, though: Mountain View also wants old account owners to delete any content that violates that rule.

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