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JXE Streams: 'Splatterhouse' makes a mess of Friday the 13th


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Jason Vorhees' hockey mask in Friday the 13th was an accident. Special effects man Martin Jay Sadoff just happened to really like hockey and have a bag of old-school gear with him when the third movie was in production. As pop culture serendipity goes, the mask is a brilliant success: when Friday the 13th rolls around, it's impossible not to think of that chipped face guard. In turn, it's impossible not to think of pulpy horror and that infamous date when you see something that even sort of looks like the mask. No doubt that was the logic at Namco when it conceived Splatterhouse -- one of gaming's earliest gore-fests -- and its masked star. That's also why we're playing a whole lot of Splatterhouse for you on JXE Streams!

Starting at 3PM ET we're going to play not one but two Splatterhouses. (Splatterhousi? Splatterheese?) First up is the 2010 reboot on PlayStation 3, what with its three-dimensional violent silliness. After that we take a tour through the first two levels of that, we'll dig back into the original Splatterhouse from 1989. The whole thing will be streamed live right here, on and over at

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Update: We caught a case of bad luck this Friday the 13th and couldn't stream Splatterhouse as originally planned. However, we did stream Dead Space, a game about someone else having a slightly worse run of luck than either myself or Timothy. There must have been a black cat somewhere in Timothy's apartment, though, because the audio settings are a little bit off for the first portion. We managed to fix those too, so stick through it!

JXE Streams 'Dead Space'
[We're playing a retail copy of Splatterhouse on a PS3 streamed through an Elgato Capture HD via OBS at 720p.]

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