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'God of War III' is the latest big game to get a PS4 makeover


Yes, developers are still rehashing popular last-generation games in an attempt to pad out a thin current-gen catalog -- meet God of War III Remastered, a PlayStation 4 overhaul of the classic deity-slaying PS3 title. Sony Santa Monica isn't being too specific about what's new, but it's promising prettier, "silky smooth" 1080p brawling (here's hoping that means 60 frames per second) and a new photo mode that lets you capture vicious kills or scenic vistas. The PS4 refresh arrives on July 14th in the US, and July 17th in the UK. It won't make up for the Uncharted 4 delay, but it'll give you something fun (if not strictly new) to play during the usual summer game drought.

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