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Native Instruments teases a portable, touch-sensitive DJ deck


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Native Instruments has a full-fledged DJ deck and mixer combo, but it can be a big hassle -- do you really want to lug a giant controller with you on tour, especially if you already have a preferred mixer? You won't have to make that sacrifice for much longer, it seems. The company is teasing an upcoming Traktor Kontrol system (likely to be called the Kontrol D2) that is essentially the deck half of the Kontrol S8, complete with a display and touch-sensitive faders, knobs and track controls. In other words, you have a a proper, modern deck (more than a basic controller) that's both easier to carry on the road and lets you use a different mixer. NI hasn't said when this machine will ship or what the price will be, but it's safe to say that it'll cost less than the $1,299 S8.

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