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Facebook's 'Scrapbook' puts all of those baby photos in one place


There are way too many baby pictures on Facebook. And they need to be organized. Starting today, the network rolled out an optional "Scrapbook" feature that lets parents sort through the digital heap of their children's photos. On the site, under the Family & Relationships tab, a party-hat-wearing blue elephant gives you the option to add your child's (or pet's) name to start the album. The tool then automatically places photos tagged with that name in one place. According to the site, the scrapbook "grows with your child" so it will continue to gather your photos as long as you're feeding it.

Given that it's pictures of children (or humans under 13), the network lets parents control all aspects of the feature: naming, tagging and selective sharing. Facebook surveyed parents in the US and found that 65 percent of them tag their partners in child's pictures. So you can co-own this Scrapbook and share control of the settings –- you have the option to share the collection with your friends or keep it private. For now, the feature is only available in the US.

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