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Friday Smart Lock offers more ways to match your decor


There's a growing number of smart locks out there, but if design's as important to you as feature set, this one could be of interest. The device is called Friday Smart Lock, and it can be unlocked remotely through its accompanying iOS or Android app. Once installed, and with the app set up, you can grant both one-time or permanent (revokable) access to friends and family. Its creators, tech startup Friday Labs and architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group, made the device small, so the baseplate and battery fits inside existing US single cylinder and Scandinavian deadbolts.

Now here comes the fun part: you can choose from four different, interchangeable shells -- porcelain, stainless steel, wood and bronze -- to complement your door (rather than just "plastic for everyone"). Friday Smart Lock comes with Bluetooth and WiFi out of the box, too, so no need to buy extra modules. There's also support for Apple HomeKit and Thread (created by Samsung, Google/Nest and ARM), giving you a way to connect it to the home automation platforms when they're released. Its availability depends on whether its Indiegogo fundraiser hits its goal, though: if you'd like to take a chance, you can pledge at least $99 to get one, or $150 less than its intended retail price.

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