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Chrome extension adds 'Animal Crossing' music to every website


In Animal Crossing, life isn't supposed to be stressful. Whether you're catching bugs, rearranging furniture or simply chatting with your fellow townsfolk, each game has always offered relaxing and utterly charming moments of escapism. The soundtracks complement the laid-back gameplay perfectly, and now you can listen to them through Google's Chrome browser too. As Polygon reports, a fan-made extension adds a tiny K.K. Slider to the toolbar which, once activated, plays tunes that correspond with the time of day.

You can dive into the settings and choose specific franchise entries, should you have a soft spot for City Folk, Wild World or New Leaf in particular. The extension was created by NeoGAF user Andrex, and almost certainly infringes Nintendo copyright. If you're interested, be sure to download it from the Chrome Web Store sooner rather than later -- Nintendo has a tendency to clamp down on unofficial projects fairly quickly.

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