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HBO is bringing Vimeo's first original series to TV


If there was any doubt that conventional TV and the internet are blending together, HBO just erased it. The premium channel has picked up the third season of High Maintenance, the pot-fueled show (yes, the 4/20 announcement is convenient) that became Vimeo's first original On Demand series. You'll only see six new episodes in this production, but all of the existing 19 episodes will be available through HBO sometime later this year. Is Vimeo heartbroken? Not at all, if you ask CEO Kerry Trainor -- it'll continue to support the show, and this is an "incredible validation" that proves internet shows can hit the big time. There's no mention of when the new season will air, but it's clear that you'll have more options for chronic-loving TV in the near future than reruns of Bored to Death and Showtime's Weeds.

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