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Misfit's Apple Watch app is a tiny, fast-paced fitness coach


If you can get a decent workout in just a few minutes, you've got no excuse to be a lazy bum. That's the thinking behind Misfit Minute, a new Apple Watch app launching today from the fitness wearable company Misfit. The app basically takes the place of a fitness coach, leading you through a series of exercises in one, four or seven minute intervals. Every session targets different parts of your body, and the app also keeps track of your progress to keep you extra motivated. It doesn't send your workouts to Misfit's mobile health apps yet, which power its many wearables, but the company says that's coming soon. Sure, it's not as fully featured as a full-fledged fitness app, but Misfit Minute is a good example of the focused experiences we can expect from other Apple Watch apps.

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