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Wimbledon bans 'nuisance' selfie sticks

Matt Brian, @m4tt

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If you're heading to the All England Lawn Tennis Club in June to enjoy some strawberries and cream and perhaps snap the odd selfie while watching the world's best tennis players, we have some bad news: Wimbledon has banned the selfie stick. Laid out in the official ticketholders' guide, the event's organizers write: "In common with many other major sports and entertainment events and cultural attractions, the championships will not allow selfie sticks into the grounds." No wide-angled photo action for you.

A spokesperson told The Sunday Times that the contraptions have been outlawed because of their "nuisance value," as they could "interfere with spectators' enjoyment." Wimbledon joins a number of Premier League football clubs and museums that no longer allow them on their grounds, ensuring visitors don't catch a rogue smartphone in the face as they engage in some serious spectating.

[Image credit: Marianne Bevis, Flickr]

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