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Adobe says goodbye to its Photoshop Touch app, hello to Project Rigel

Billy Steele

Adobe's been keen on new mobile apps as of late, but today it announced the end of the road for one of its more popular pieces of software. As of next week, Photoshop Touch will no longer be available in iTunes, Google Play and other app libraries and the creative software company will not push new updates. Photoshop Touch was a bit of a tough sell at $10, especially when the new round of apps began rolling out for free. The last major update to Touch came in late 2012, and and in the time since, Adobe announced Photoshop Mix alongside its Ink and Slide drawing accessories. And there's a mobile version of Lightroom now, too. With its big mobile push, the company has focused on a stable of apps dedicated to specific tasks, rather than an all-in-one solution like Photoshop Touch.

The eulogy for the aforementioned app was accompanied by a look at what's next for editing photos on the go. Codenamed Project Rigel, Adobe's plans for image retouching on a mobile device extends to massive 50-megapixel images. I'd surmise those stills would be accessed from a Creative Cloud library, but details are scarce at the moment. In the demo above, edits look quite smooth, but we'll have to wait until we can put the final version through its paces before offering more detailed observations. While many of the new apps still aren't available for Android, Adobe says its developing for that mobile OS, so here's to hoping tools available to iOS users will see a wider rollout soon.

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