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Apple recalls Beats Pill XL speaker due to overheating battery

Billy Steele

While most of the internet was busy oogling the Fallout 4 trailer, Apple delivered some bad news to owners of Dr. Dre's super-sized speaker. The company is recalling the Beats Pill XL, citing the wireless speaker's battery tendency to overheat in rare cases and creating the risk of a fire. In the announcement, Apple points out that the audio gadget was announced in late 2013, long before it acquired the company last year. If you splurged for one, this website will guide your through the process of getting a refund in the form of Apple Store credit or an electronic payment of $325 -- $25 more than the original price tag. The Pill XL is said to be the only product that exhibits that overheats, and there's no word on a new version that remedies the issue going on sale at a later date.

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