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Leak hints at a curvier BlackBerry Passport


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Whatever you think of the BlackBerry Passport's oddball aspect ratio or software, there's no denying that the original design had rough edges... or rather, corners. That squarish handset might not dig into your hands and legs for much longer, though. N4BB claims to have photos of the Oslo, a "re-do" of the Passport that softens the design even beyond what you saw in the AT&T model. It's curvier all around, and it appears to have a slightly more compact plastic frame that's (hopefully) easier to fit into your pocket.

To be clear, this wouldn't be a Passport 2 -- you'd still get the familiar Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM and 13-megapixel rear camera. Instead, it'd be intended as a Passport for regions where the one-of-a-kind device is harder to find, such as Asia-Pacific. That probably wouldn't please you if you're a BlackBerry die-hard who wants genuinely new gear, but it would suggest that the company still sees plenty of demand for its squarish smartphone.

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