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Dyson built a lamp that burns for 37 years thanks to satellite tech

Billy Steele

Dyson has put its know-how to use improving vacuums, fans and more. Looking to tackle lighting woes, the British company built the CSYS line of lamps that'll burn bright for 37 years. Using Heat Pipe technology, the lamp uses a system similar to what's found on satellites to keep eight LEDs cool and prolongs their life. The heat is pulled away from the bulbs and directed through an aluminum heat sink that spans the length of the lamp's shaft. Each of those LEDs sits in a conical reflector to cut down on glare and added eye strain.

What's more, 3 Axis Glide Motion allows you to position the CSYS vertically, horizontally and rotationally just how you want it with ease. There's touch-based dimming too, so you'll be able to set the brightness according to what the setting demands and even when you turn it off, the lamp remembers the level. As is usually the case with Dyson's gear, expect to shell out quite the sum in order to grab one for your home or office. The CSYS desk lamp is priced at $649 (there's a clip-on option, too) and a taller floor model costs $899. This isn't the first long-lasting light source for Dyson, though, as the Ariel model offers an option that's suspended from the ceiling.

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