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Picasa's Web Albums work again for some reason


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Back in 2013, Picasa users suddenly found themselves being automatically redirected to Google+'s web albums rather than the site they were familiar with. Of course, in light of Google's subsequent announcement that Google+ Photos would be supplanting the Picasa service as the company's go-to picture-storage platform, nixing the older Web Albums made sense. Of course, Google once again switched its photo hosting app to just Photos (which doesn't require a Google+ account) late last month. Now however, fansite Google Operating System reports that the Web Albums page no longer redirects to Google+. What's more, its search feature appears to work as well (albeit only for your own pictures and videos). So, for now, you can totally go back to using Web Albums if you want. Though given Google's historically scattershot approach to its photo management sites, who knows how long it'll stay online this time.

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