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UberPOP ban proposed in France as protests block airports

Billy Steele

In response to taxi driver's protesting UberPOP by blocking major transportation routes in France, the country's interior minister proposed a nationwide ban on the service. Taxi drivers completely plugged up access to Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Orly airports, prompting officials to urge CDG travelers to use train service instead. Cab drivers are angry over unfair competition from the US-based service's unlicensed drivers, blocking not only airport access roads, but train hubs and other major thoroughfares as well. The protests have turned violent in some cases, with riot police being called in to handle demonstrators who were burning tires, overturning vehicles and fighting with other drivers. Uber faces backlash in nearly every European country it enters, drawing the ire of UK taxi drivers and recently agreeing to pay licensing fees in Germany to stay in business.

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