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Lenovo wants you to decide if it should build this retro ThinkPad


IBM's original boxy, black ThinkPads, exemplified by the seminal 1994 700c model, are beloved by laptop design aficionados. But would such a style (in a much thinner package, of course) fly in today's market? Lenovo's VP of design, David Hill wants to find out, so he showed off a "Time Machine" render with the original multicolored ThinkPad logo, a blue enter key, a seven-row keyboard and a 16:10 aspect screen. It would, of course, be equipped with the latest technology and an 18mm thin case. The idea is to see if a computer based on a classic design would be as popular as retro-tinged cars like the "new" Mini Cooper or Ford Mustang.

However, "actually bringing a retro inspired ThinkPad to market would require significant sales volumes to justify the development effort and tooling expense," he said. As such, he wants to know "if you think Lenovo should make the retro inspired ThinkPad, or have suggestions on how to make it better, please post your comments." You can head to his blog now to give your thoughts, but judging by the 900-plus comments, almost all positive, we'd say he's definitely on to something.

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