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    Mini review video: our verdict on Windows 10 in 45 seconds


    Didn't read all the way through our nearly 3,700-word review of Windows 10? You really should: Devindra makes some good points. That said, if you're short on time, or just have a hopelessly short attention span, we've distilled our writeup into a mini review video. As you can tell by the score alone (91 out of 100), we really, really dig the new software, and found very little fault with it. In particular, we love how the new, Live Tile-ized Start menu seems to combine the best of Windows 7 and 8, all the while correcting some big UX mistakes that Microsoft made over the past few years. In addition, new features like Cortana search and the Edge browser are in and of themselves worth the upgrade (and what an easy upgrade process it is too). Find the highlights in the short video above, and head over to our full review at the link below if you decide you want a little more detail after all.

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