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This super-thin OLED desk lamp will also charge your phone


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Do you take your desk lighting seriously? Really seriously? You'll want to look at Aerelight's just-shipped A1 desk lamp, then. The eye-catching design uses an OLED panel to illuminate your room, which both makes it wafer-thin and produces a natural-looking, energy-efficient glow that should last as long as the lamp itself. You shouldn't have to touch anything but the controls for the next 20 years, according to Aerelight. And did we mention that it'll wirelessly charge your phone? In a seeming bid to one-up IKEA, the A1 can top up mobile devices using either the Qi or PMA charging standards.

You're going to pay a premium for this ultimate light, mind you. It's available in both the US and Canada for $299, which could easily make it more expensive than the furniture it's sitting on. Look it this way, though: if you work from home or otherwise spend hours at a time in poorly-lit spaces, this could be considered an investment in your eyes.

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