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Parallels' remote PC access works with games and your Apple Watch


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Parallels' Access app just became considerably more useful... even if you're bent on goofing off. The company has released version 3.0 of its remote access tool, which includes experimental support for playing your PC's games on your iOS device. If you're determined to play League of Legends or Skyrim on your iPad, you can create custom touch controls to make the experience relatively enjoyable. The iOS camp also gets a little extra fun through an Apple Watch app that lets you start remote connections from your wrist.

You'll see plenty of practical improvements for both Android and iOS users, of course. There's a universal file manager with support for both local and cloud-stored files, and you can transfer large files from your PC to your mobile gear without leaning on a third-party service. You can even look at your mobile photos from the desktop view, in case you want computer-based backups before you get home. As usual, you'll have to subscribe to Parallels Access to get the benefits beyond the week-long trial run -- it'll cost you $20 per year if you're merely curious, or $35 if you're committed for at least two years.

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