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Flipboard users can upvote their way to a better home feed


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Flipboard gives you lots of different ways to find interesting reads. You can choose specific topics, publications, users and magazines, all of which contribute to your main "Cover Stories" feed. The problem is that when you see something you don't like, it's hard to remove it without unfollowing one of these broader sources completely. To solve the problem, Flipboard is introducing a "fine-tune" option that lets you give any article a thumbs up or thumbs down. Depending on your feedback, Flipboard will automatically reduce or increase similar stories in your home feed. Better yet, your feedback will trigger a list of topics that Flipboard thinks are relevant to the article, giving you further control. You can also mute the publication entirely if you're not happy with their editorial style.

Why is this important? Well, alongside other news reading apps, Flipboard will soon have Apple News to contend with. Like Google Play Newsstand on Android, Apple has a good shot at mass adoption because it'll come pre-installed with iOS 9. It means companies like Flipboard will soon have to work just that little bit harder to earn and retain users.

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