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UK tour of 'Silent Hill Live' will put the concert in disconcerting


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Nothing sets the tone of a horror game like a truly haunting score, and few can create as claustrophobic and creepy an atmosphere as Akira Yamaoka. The composer has been partly responsible for making the majority of the Silent Hill franchise practically unplayable for anyone lacking nerves of reinforced steel. "Silent Hill Live" invites fans of the horror series to revisit the eerie scores of games past -- this time in a more comfortable setting where monstrosities (hopefully) aren't lurking around every corner.

Yamaoka and a live band are set to creep out a handful of venues across the UK, scheduled fittingly around Halloween. Silent Hill Live debuts in Bristol on October 29th, then heads to Cardiff, London and Southampton before finishing up in Manchester on November 3rd. If you're interested, tickets will go on sale this Friday, and unlike the playable teaser for the now-cancelled Silent Hills, you'll probably be able to sleep after enjoying some of Yamaoka's most memorable work.

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