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Intel's new research group to tackle cybersecurity in connected cars

Billy Steele

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In order to reduce the risk of future connected car hacks, Intel is assembling a group of researchers to lend a hand. The Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB) will "help mitigate cybersecurity risks associated with connected automobiles while encouraging technological progression and innovation," according to the company's announcement. The board will include "top security industry talent" and the company will provide the group with its latest tech. Intel says the ASRB will conduct on-going testing and audits to discover the "best practices" for the automotive industry which it will publish as new info becomes available. In fact, it already published its first white paper on the topic. The recent Jeep hack (and others) revealed the vulnerabilities for some connected car systems, an industry in which Intel powers systems for BMW, Hyundai, Infiniti, Kia and more.

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