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Wilson's connected basketball helps hone your skills on the court

Billy Steele

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Connected sporting goods are nothing new, and Wilson's a smart basketball that tracks every shot you take on the court is adding to the fray. The Wilson X, which was first announced last year, uses an embedded sensor to tally makes and misses in real time alongside a companion app for iOS devices While it'll only play nice with Apple gadget right now, it'll be available for Android this fall. The mobile software also offers four modes for shooting drills. There's a Buzzer Beater mode that offers the challenge of making the game-winning shot as the clock winds down, for example. Wilson says that this high-tech ball and app combo is made for shooters as it isn't designed to track shots within seven feet of the basket.

As you might expect, the game-like simulations are complete with crowd noise and sports commentators. In addition to tracking shots taken and made baskets, the Wilson X can keep tabs on two-pointers, three-pointers and free throws before letting you brag to your friends via social networks or sharing stats with your coach. What's more, the ball doesn't need to be charged and Wilson says it'll last up to 100,000 shots. That's about 300 shots a day, every day, for a year. The ball is available in two sizes, 29.5-inch Official and 28.5-inch Intermediate, for $199.

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