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ICYMI: Lightest building material, eco-bikini and more


Today on In Case You Missed It: Boeing says it has produced the lightest material structure and the video demonstrates it by balancing a portion of its metal structure on top of a dandelion. A prototype for a swimming suit also acts as a water cleaner, absorbing pollutants with super-hydrophobic carbon-based material. And Makerarm combines everything we love about 3D printers with all kinds of other use cases because its robotic arm can be outfitted with many other tool heads.

We also touch on a video from John Oliver's HBO show that takes the state of North Dakota to task for having lax regulations around oil drilling, resulting in environmental pollution and easily avoidable accidental deaths.

For a space update, we included the news that NASA researchers are tinkering with Tensegrity structures (otherwise known as the angular balls babies play with) to act as possible planet exploring robots.

If you come across any interesting videos, we'd love to see them. Just tweet us with the #ICYMI hashtag @engadget or @mskerryd.

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