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AIG has an insurance policy for your drone


Owning a drone is sometimes a harrowing experience all by itself, but it can be downright agonizing if your robotic pride and joy gets into an accident. It's not like you're likely to replace an expensive 4K drone on a whim, after all. However, AIG thinks it can set your mind at ease. The company recently trotted out insurance for unmanned aircraft that covers damage to your drone and anyone involved in operating it, whether or not they're pilots. How much you pay depends on what you're looking for, but policies can tackle everything from liability (good for drone racing) through to "war, hijacking and terrorism."

Of course, this insurance won't make much sense if you bought an entry-level drone that you'll only ever fly in the backyard. However, it could be a wise investment if you're planning to make a living from your machine, whether you're making movies or starting a courier service. Moreover, the very existence of plans like AIG's shows that the drone industry is growing up. You might not like the thought of insuring your drone, let alone registering it, but this could encourage drone use among outfits that wouldn't have even considered the vehicles without having a financial safety net.

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