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Mini-fridge disguised as a life-size, mobile R2-D2 is up for pre-order


Yes, these are full-scale R2-D2s replete with a moving head and flashing lights. They're not loaded with a super-intelligent AI and they don't project holograms, but they can chill your beer and even bring it to you while you put your feet up on the Ottoman. We're assuming you have an Ottoman (a fancy one, even) if you get one, because this mini-fridge costs almost $9,000... and that's not including the fees you have to pay to import it from Japan. According to our friends from Engadget JP, these remote-controlled AQUA R2-D2s made by Haier Asia are now up for pre-order. Unfortunately, you'll need a Japanese address, as you can see on its Star Wars-themed reservation page. If you do have a way to buy one, you might get it just in time for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, since units will start shipping out in December 2015. Take note that it can fit a few cans of beer at most, but hey, we doubt you'd even use it all that much as a mini-fridge anyway.

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