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ICYMI: Perfect temp mug, MIT's wiggly robot and more


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Today on In Case You Missed It: MIT's Media Lab created the LineFORM out of a wiggly bit of robotics that can morph into different shapes, like a telephone or a data connecting cable. Meanwhile a $130 mug will let you set the perfect temperature for your java. And an Indiegogo campaign for a head-mounted camera that makes users look like waylaid super heros is well short of its funding goal, which is probably good because we would hate to see them out in the world.

JetPack Aviation took its new consumer-grade pack for a trip around Lady Liberty in a video that is worth seeing, if you're into aviation news. Finally, reading up on the Comcast password reset news is recommended, if that's a service you use.

If you come across any interesting videos, we'd love to see them. Just tweet us with the #ICYMI hashtag @engadget or @mskerryd.

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