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Runtastic Results wants to be the P90X of mobile apps


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There are currently a total of 15 Runtastic apps available across iOS, Android and Windows Phone. But the Austrian startup, recently acquired by sportswear giant Adidas, doesn't want to stop there. Today, it is introducing Results, an application that focuses solely on body training. This is Runtastic's version of the popular P90X fitness program, designed for the mobile era and to complement its other fitness-friendly software. Even though the app's available at no cost on iOS and Android, a premium, $50-per-year membership is going to unlock a dynamic 12-week workout plan. Here, you will get support from the Runtastic community, a personal nutrition guide and more than 120 exercise videos -- those, by the way, have been shot at 6K resolution, making them easier on the eye.

If you opt for the free content, only certain standalone workouts can be accessed, and you'll have to keep track of your data manually, whereas the paid app builds a custom training plan for you. The key, Runtastic says, is that Results doesn't require equipment, a gym or a trainer, so that should help you stay fit even when you have little time (or space) to spare. As for whether or not Results actually works, well, who's up for a challenge?

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