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Get some face time with a snarling dinosaur in virtual reality


Until the real version of Jurassic World opens the closest we'll get to going face-to-face with dinosaurs is in virtual reality. The folks at German game developer Crytek are helping that stopgap by releasing one of their Back to Dinosaur Island demos to the public via Steam for free. As VRFocus reports, this demo has been on the trade show circuit since this past March at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. Here you're seeing the world from the eyes of an infant dino hanging out in a nest of unhatched eggs as gigantic dragonflies flit about a gorgeous looking and sounding primeval forest. Oh you wanted terror? Don't fret because one of history's most impressive apex predators pokes its nose in for a view as well.

It's a brief taste of what the company is working on for its dino-centric PlayStation VR title Robinson: The Journey, but the second demo that debuted at E3 is quite a bit longer. That one has players scaling a sheer cliffside as pterodactyls teach their young how to fly and it's awesome. No DK2 or newer? No problem; a video of the 2D version's embedded just below. Just remember to make the video fullscreen and to crank the volume for maximum effect.

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