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Motorola's Chicago flagship store is the antithesis of an Apple store


Motorola has exactly one retail store, and it's located in the heart of Chicago's downtown Loop district. I happened to be in the area recently and stopped by on a Friday afternoon before its grand opening. As I found, it is, in many ways, the antithesis of an Apple store. Whereas Cupertino's retail locations feel cold, sterile and a little disconnected, Moto's outpost is warm and welcoming, with an earthy décor and smiling staff at every turn. It's outfitted with bright colors, wood panels and leather accents, while devices like the Moto X, G, E and 360 share display space with plants. What's more, the store encourages you to drop its handsets on the floor to prove how durable they are. Given all this, it's a wonder the company doesn't plan to open any more stores outside its home city.

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