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App turns your writing into trippy 3D images

WordsEye can translate your text into 3D pictures... whether or not they make sense in real life.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
11.29.15 in Art

It's easy to imagine a piece of art in your head, but making it real is another matter if you're not an artist. Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply describe what you wanted? WordsEye is trying just that. Its beta web app lets you describe a scene using natural-language text, and uses statistical parsing to translate that into a 3D image. You can name objects and their qualities using terms that are as fuzzy or exacting as you like, including relative concepts like position. It's easy to use, although the results can be more than a little surreal -- just look at the pictured rat on a cat on a Christmas cow if you need proof.

Not surprisingly, the technology is limited by the models it has and the vocabulary it understands. WordsEye wouldn't be truly practical unless you could expect it to draw almost anything. Even in its current incarnation, though, it's still an interesting, accessible way of producing art. You'll have to sign up to participate in the closed beta test, but there are plans for Android and iOS apps on top of the web version.

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