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Amazon's tablet web browser is getting easier to use

Amazon Silk makes it easy to visit your favorites and read saved articles.

Amazon's Silk may not be the darling of the web browser world, but you should know it's still getting plenty of affection. The internet giant is recapping recent updates that promise an easier-to-use tablet surfing experience. You'll now see your most visited sites as easy-to-read tiles when you visit Silk's home screen, putting your go-to page a quick tap away. Bookmarking a page has been simplified to a single tap, and there's a reading list section on the home screen that offers quick access to your saved articles. Oh, and this is your dream upgrade if you can't help but open sites in new tabs -- you can keep an unlimited number of tabs open instead of the previous 10. All good things to know, especially since it's been nearly a year since we heard any updates on the supercomputer-powered browser project.

The updates are all available now, and you don't have to own one of Amazon's latest tablets to give them a shot. It's appearing on devices ranging from the 2013-era Kindle Fire HD and HDX line through to today's Fire and Fire HD models, so the odds are that you'll see these interface tweaks in short order.

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