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Recreate the old-school internet with this web browser emulator not only shows ancient websites, but lets you visit them with ancient browsers.

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Sure, you can visit the Internet Archive if you want to see a website the way it looked years ago, but it won't recreate the feel of browsing that site when it was fresh. What if you want both? That's where the new tool might save the day. It not only grabs an archived version of the website, but gives you a choice of old browsers for the visit. If you want to know what the Space Jam movie page looked like in an era-appropriate version of Netscape Navigator, you can do it.

There are quite a few gaps in the software selection. You can't run any OS X-native browser, for instance, since the team decided that emulating the modern Mac platform was too challenging on their Linux-based infrastructure (you can still use classic Mac browsers and Safari for Windows). Even so, this is probably your best option for reliving your web surfing memories short of dragging an ancient PC out of storage.

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