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Spotify's 'Year in Music' recaps your streaming in 2015

Don't remember listening to 'Believe' 26 times in a row after that breakup? Spotify does.
Steve Dent, @stevetdent
12.07.15 in AV

Spotify loves to make lists, and recently gave a global rundown of the year's most-streamed artists, topped by Rihanna and Drake. It's latest recap is more personal, however. The "Year in Music" page shows your top songs, artists and genres, first played song, top artists by season and total minutes of music listened to. It then summarizes all of it by showing the total number of songs and artists you played, and produces a playlist of songs it thinks you'll want to hear next year. If you're satisfied with your musical cred, you can share a snapshot of it across your various social networks (below). That way, your friends can see all the times you listened to Taylor Swift and Adele ... oh, wait.

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