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Uber is looking into launching two new ridesharing services

Share a van with UberHOP, share a drivetime ride with UberCOMMUTE.

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Uber announced on Tuesday that it will trial a pair of new ridesharing services in the Seattle and Chicago metro areas. The first, called UberHOP, functions very much like conventional bus transports. It debuts on Thursday December 10th and will match groups of passengers with an Uber driver who is heading in the same direction. However, unlike Uber's normal door-to-door services, this one requires riders and driver to meet at a predetermined location and time (like a bus stop) as well as be dropped off at single location and walk the rest of the way to their final destination.

Additionally, the ridesharing company is also testing out another pilot program (though only in Chicago) called UberCOMMUTE. This will allow drivers who are commuting into the city center share their trip with a passenger and recoup a portion of the driving expense. And since it's an extension of the company's existing UberPOOL program, two or more commuters can share the ride in and defer the cost between themselves. The service will be available Monday through Friday, 6am to 10pm. Uber reportedly chose Chicago as the site for these pilot programs in an effort to help reduce the vicious gridlock that defines I-90.

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