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Twitter tests Promoted Tweets for users who aren't logged in

The social network is testing ads on the web that display before you even log in.
Billy Steele
12.10.15 in Internet

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Twitter is looking to expand its advertising reach, and to do so, the company is testing Promoted Tweets for folks who aren't logged in. This means that if you're browsing a profile or viewing a tweet's details, you could see the social network's ads before you enter your log-in info. TechCrunch reports that Twitter is only testing the new practice, and for now it's only doing so on the web. Of course, this means that not only will the ads display for Twitter users who aren't signed in, but also for visitors who don't have an account at all.

Advertisers will have access to the same tools it does now for targeting registered users, as the company is making good on its word to offer a way to cash in on all visitors to the site -- not just the ones with an active account. This isn't the first time Twitter made a move to do so either, as it's deal with Google to populate search results with tweets earlier this year was another step in this direction. When the test period is over, don't be surprised if those Promoted Tweets show up in all of the places they do now when you log in, including search results and promoted trend pages.

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