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The App Store now shows you when iOS apps work on Apple TV

Cupertino really wants to take over your living room.

The fourth-generation Apple TV already has over 2,600 apps, a significant number considering tvOS is such a young platform. Naturally, as more developers make their applications compatible with the new hardware, Apple wants users to easily find these. In order to do that, Apple's iOS App Store now lets you know when its iPhone or iPad apps also have an Apple TV version, similar to what it does with the Watch.

Originally spotted by 9to5Mac, the label (pictured below) doesn't appear to be fully baked at the moment: it displays as "SF.UniversalAppleTV," rather than something cleaner like "Apple TV." Of course, you could always just search the Apple TV for apps, but this gives you a different option to see which will or won't work with your set-top box.

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