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Pandora launches a personalized station based on your likes

Thumbprint Radio is how Pandora will compete with personalized music options from Spotify and Apple.
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Pandora is putting to work what it knows about all of those songs you've thumbed up over the years. Today it's launching Thumbprint Radio, a "hyper-personalized" station that's based entirely on the songs you've liked. "This is a living, breathing station that will continue to change as you listen," the company said. "Each time you thumb up a track on Pandora, your station will update and evolve." The station is a mix of songs you already know and new tunes that Pandora thinks you might dig. Yes, it's pretty much another spin on Spotify's wildly success Discover Weekly feature, but it's hard to blame Spotify for going this route.

As we noted when iHeartRadio announced similar custom stations, streaming music really is all personalization these days -- it's one of the defining features of Apple Music, after all. You'll be able to share your Thumbprint Radio station with friends, and Pandora says you'll need to have listened to at least three stations with four thumbs each to activate the new station.

[Photo credit: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty Images]

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