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Lyft changes bonus system to prevent drivers from cheating

It means more real rides for you.

Lyft's old bonus scheme that offered more money based on the number of hours a driver clocks was a bit too easy to manipulate, forcing the ride-sharing company to rethink its strategy. Now, Lyft is doling out bonuses based on the number of rides a driver makes instead, which is definitely much harder to falsify. According to Recode, under the new scheme, drivers get 100 percent of their earnings if they do 100 rides per week, with 30 of those rides accomplished during peak hours.

Previously, Lyft would forego taking its commission for those who clock 50 hours per week -- unfortunately, some unscrupulous drivers would apparently log into the app to accumulate hours even if they had no intention of picking anybody up. A company spokesperson told Recode that the new bonus scheme was designed to give its drivers more flexibility, but we think the best thing about it is that it translates to more real rides you can hail.

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