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Thimble wants to ship you tinkering kits every month

The Kickstarter project has already surpassed its $25,000 pledged goal.

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A Kickstarter project aims to be the perfect solution for the DIY crowd. Thimble, which has already beat its pledged goal of $25,000, says it wants to deliver different electronic kits to tinkerers every month, with the first of the series being a WiFi robot. Those of you who are interested can use these do-it-yourself care packages to learn to code, build and hack, helped by guided tutorials and a community Thimble hopes to grow over time.

Thimble's currently offering up to 12-month subscriptions for backers, or there's also an option to pledge $59 for the lootcrate that includes the parts to build the aforementioned WiFi robot. If you're into it, you may want to get in on it as soon as possible, as most of the Early Bird Specials seem to be flying off the shelves.

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