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Lyft beats Uber in race to offer rides from LAX

Service goes live from 8am local time on December 23rd

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Lyft has beaten Uber in becoming the first ride-sharing company that can take passengers from Los Angeles airport. The service has agreed to pay a $4 fee for every pick-up, and will go live from 8am local time with the city's mayor, Eric Garcetti, giving his blessing. Lyft may not be as wealthy, or as powerful, as its much bigger rival, but apparently it is much more capable in the whole filling-a-form-in-directly department. An October report from the LA Times revealed that Uber dragged its feet in presenting the airport contract to the city, while Lyft had its paperwork completed by mid-September. It probably won't be too long before Uber gets approval, but Lyft can chalk this down as a win in the meantime.

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