Altec Lansing wants to end the frustration of lost earbuds

The Freedom True Wireless in-ear headphones can be located via Bluetooth.

What if your earbuds had a feature that helped you locate the accessories when you forgot where you put them? Well, you'll soon be in luck as Altec Lansing will do just that with its Freedom True Wireless in-ear headphones. The earbuds nix the cord entirely, using two separate units to handle the Bluetooth audio in each ear.

With no wire to connect the two, you'd expect they'd be easier to misplace. However, the Freedom True Wireless offers a GPS-like tracking via that Bluetooth connection. Searching is done through a companion app that makes the lost unit beep when it's found. Altec Lansing's $150 earbuds also tout IPX7-rated waterproof construction and six hours of battery life in addition to those location abilities. If all of that sounds too good to pass up, the Freedom True Wireless is slated to arrive next quarter.