Origin has an all-in-one gaming PC, too

Seriously, why are these a thing now?

One trend we didn't expect to see at CES this week was all-in-one gaming PCs. But here we are with another, this time from the folks at Origin PC. Dubbed the "Omni," the machine packs quite a bit of customization for its class. The company's calling it the "world's most powerful and customizable" device of its kind, saying that there's room for up to an Intel Core i7 5960X processor and a 12GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X under its 34-inch Ultra-wide 3K display (3440 x 1440 resolution).

Oh right, you'll need memory for it too, so it's probably a good thing this supports as much as 32GB of DDR4 RAM. Origin's stuffed its liquid cooling system into the machine as well. Want to take a gander at everything? You could even opt for a translucent back cover to show off the kit shoehorned in there.

Again, similar to Maingear's offerings, this is an attempt to prove that you don't need a gigantic tower sitting beside your desk to get decent horsepower out of a gaming PC. Unlike Maingear, however, what we don't have with Origin's new machine is price. Given what the listed components have for street price, I'm going to bet that a fully kitted out model is going to cost a pretty penny come Q1 2016, though. "Save more money" wasn't one of your New Year's resolutions, was it?