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Dell's 4K OLED monitor outshines its new PCs

There are new laptops too, but they're mostly rebrands of consumer machines announced last year.
Dell's 4K OLED monitor outshines its new PCs
Dana Wollman
Dana Wollman|@danawollman|January 6, 2016 2:15 PM

Dell seems not to have gotten the memo that CES is actually short for "Consumer Electronics Show." With a few exceptions, the company has mostly used its time in Vegas this week to unveil business-grade products, including a 2-in-1, a budget notebook and a pair of wireless monitors yesterday and more monitors today. It's all a little dry, to be honest, but the standout in today's announcement is clearly the new UltraSharp 30, a 30-inch 4K monitor with a color-rich panel. All told, it reaches 100 percent of Adobe's RGB color gamut and 97.8 percent of DCI-P3, a color standard favored by video editors and animators. On the connectivity side, it has a USB Type-C port supplying video, data and power up to 100 watts.

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In a word, this screen is pretty -- so pretty, in fact, that we had to stop ourselves from snapping photos of all the sample imagery on the display. It arrives March 31st for $4,999, which might seem pricey but is actually reasonable for a 4K display, especially one with a screen that is this color-accurate. And besides, the sort of creative pros this is aimed at are probably accustomed to paying dearly for their gear.

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In addition, Dell did indeed announce two more PCs, the 13-inch Latitude 13 7000 and the 12-inch Latitude 12 7000 tablet hybrid. The thing is, they're basically commercial versions of machines you've already seen: the XPS 13 laptop that came out a year ago and the XPS 12 2-in-1 that was announced within the past few months. The main differences have little to do with design, then, and focus more on security features. Unless we have some IT guys reading Engadget, we'd still sooner recommend the consumer versions to you guys. If you are indeed in a position to buy gear for employees, though, the 2-in-1 ships early next month starting at $1,049, while the 13-inch notebook arrives March 8th for $1,299 and up.


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Dell's 4K OLED monitor outshines its new PCs